We run one class of agility training - which is a mixture of beginners and advanced handlers and dogs.    

Your dog must be at least 12 months of age to start agility training, but this does depend on your dogs breed.  Larger breeds of dogs may need to wait until 18 months to ensure that they have completed growing.  

Agility Instructor

Joanne teaches the agility class. She is a highly experienced agility trainer and has competed successfully in agility trials.  Joanne and her previous dog Breeza have a number of titles in both single and pairs agility.

This class is designed to teach you and your dog agility from the very beginning.  You are taught the various obstacles and contacts in a one to one environment to ensure the safety of both you and your dog.  Your dog is to remain on lead in this class until such time that Joanne feels that you are able to complete the course off lead.

Advanced Agility

The advanced class is for those members who have completed the beginners agility training and are able to complete courses with their dogs off lead.
In this class, you and your dog are able to complete the course safely whilst also dealing with challenging obstacles and contacts.