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Caroline Springs Dog Club is a non-profit organization that is run by its members on a purely volunteer basis. The aim of the club is to assist in training your dog in a fun and safe environment.

Classes are run every Sunday from February to the first weekend in December, except on long weekends. 


Times of classes are

                              Class Red (1) and Blue  (3)               9-3O to 1O-3O am.

                              Class Yellow (2) and Green  (4)        1O-40 to 11-40 am.

                               Puppy socialisation class at 10.40 weather depending due to the equipment that is stored inthe pavillion. 


New Members are welcome any Sunday of the Month with their dogs at 9.30. On the first day new members go through our Introduction Class, which shows the new members around the classes and through the rules and basic obedience. If you have already taken part in any obedience training please let us know so that you can be assessed and join the appropriate class.

The first session commences at 9.30 and the second session at 10.40. Both sessions run for 1 hour.

Dog over the age of 12 months are able to participate in agility for both beginners and advanced students. Weather permitting.

Caroline Springs Dog Club trains rain, hail or shine.  If raining at the start of training, agility training will be cancelled.

Heat rule: If the forecast for the day is 35 degrees or over, all training will run from 9.30 am to 10.30 am – there will be NO training after 10.30 am and there will be NO agility on the day.  

For updates on training please see our facebook page - Caroline Springs Dog Club.






training recommencing

6th february 2022



Caroline Springs Dog Club prides itself on providing a fun and relaxed training environment for both handlers and their dogs.

We provide training classes from beginners through to advanced. 

As with any learning environment, we all need to start somewhere.  Our classes are designed so that once you have achieved the required skills you will be promoted to the next class.  Everyone will progress at different rates, so please do not be discouraged if you take longer in any particular class.  Our instructors are available at all times to assist you with any issues you may be having and are more than happy to work one on one with you and your dog.

Explanation of classes:

Class 1 - Red

This is our beginners class.  All new members will begin in this class unless you and your dog have had previous obedience training.  This class is about learning the basics of obedience and also providing socialisation for you and your dogs.  Once the basic skills of obedience have been achieved you can then graduate to class 2

Class 2 - Yellow

This class is the next step up from the beginners class.  In this class, we introduce some new obedience skills and focus more on you and your dog working as a team.  Progressing from class 2 to 3 can usually take a number of months depending on your dog's age, temperament and the amount of training you put into your dog

Class 3 - Blue

This is our intermediate class.  Handlers can expect to start working their dogs off lead, one at a time, and this normally starts slowly and for short periods. 

Class 4 - Green

This is our experienced class.  These dogs and handlers will do the majority of their class off lead, including heeling, sit stays and out of sight training.  This class is also our display class that we call on for community displays and events.



We run special puppy socialisation classes at 10.40 am every sunday.  This class is for dogs up to 6 months of age that have been vaccinated.

This class is mainly about puppies being able to socialise with our dogs as well as people in a controlled environment.  This class also allows for owners to be able to ask questions about what their puppy may be doing at home and also learning various handling techniques.

Various topics covered in this class include:  

reading your puppy's body language,

handling, grooming and settling you puppy

puppy problems - mouthing, nipping, toilet training, etc

using positive reinforcement appropriately

how to stop unwanted behaviour

We encourage all members of the family to participate in this class so that everyone can reinforce behaviours at home.  

Before you bring the puppy home, you must make sure that the home, and the family, are well prepared.  If you have children, now is a good time to make the rules as they tend to get carried away when playing with puppies, which could ruin your training.  You will achieve the best results if the children are included in the day to day care of the puppy.


Remember, the puppy is not a toy to be played with, so teach the children how to correctly handle and play with it.  Tell them that it is far better for them to sit on the floor and throw a toy or play tug-of-war with it, than to chase it around and pick it up.  When playing with a puppy (for example tug of war) always tug from side to side NOT up and down as the bones in the dog’s neck are still developing and you could cause damage.


One hard and fast rule that must never be broken, is that when the puppy is in its bed it must never be disturbed, as puppies need plenty of rest and its bed should be regarded as its sanctuary.


A Puppy Booklet is available for download please select the image to the right 


 puppy socialisation - currently cancelled due to covid 19 restrictions


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AGILITY TRAINING - currently cancelled due to covid 19

Agility training is maninly run at the 9.30 class times.  


Your dog must be at lest 12 months of age to start the agility contact training, but this does depend on the breed of your dog.  Some larger breed dogs may need to wait until 18 momths of age to ensure that they have completed their growing.


Joanne generally takes this class and has years of experience as both a competor, handler and trainer.  


Our classes are designed to teach you and your dog agility from the very beginning.  You are taught the various obstacles and contacts in a one to one environment to ensure the safety of both your and your dog.  Your dog is to remain on lead in this class until such time that Joanne feels that you are able to complete obstacles safely off lead. 


All members and children are to remain off the agility course at all times unless there is a handler present.



Fees:  Membership fees are paid on a financial year basis - July to June (prorata if joining for after December)

Single membership - One handler and one dog $40 per year

Family membership - More than one handler and or dog $50 per year

Weekly training - $3 per week of training.  This allows you to access both obedience training and agility training

Membership is on the provision of your dog's upto date vaccincation records and council registration. 

Club policy is that all dogs are to be current with vaccincation records and council registration and your membership records must be updated on an annual basis. 


*** Due to increased running costs our yearly membership costs have risen by $10 per year***

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