We run special puppy socialisation classes at 10.40 am every sunday. This class is for dogs up to 6 months of age that have been vaccinated.

This class is mainly about puppies being able to socialise with our dogs as well as people in a controlled environment. This class also allows for owners to be able to ask questions about what their puppy may be doing at home and also learning various handling techniques.

Various topics covered in this class include:

reading your puppy's body language, handling, grooming and settling you puppy

puppy problems - mouthing, nipping, toilet training, using positive reinforcement appropriately how to stop unwanted behaviour

We encourage all members of the family to participate in this class so that everyone can reinforce behaviours at home.

Before you bring the puppy home, you must make sure that the home, and the family, are well prepared. If you have children, now is a good time to make the rules as they tend to get carried away when playing with puppies, which could ruin your training. You will achieve the best results if the children are included in the day to day care of the puppy.

Remember, the puppy is not a toy to be played with, so teach the children how to correctly handle and play with it. Tell them that it is far better for them to sit on the floor and throw a toy or play tug-of-war with it, than to chase it around and pick it up. When playing with a puppy (for example tug of war) always tug from side to side NOT up and down as the bones in the dog’s neck are still developing and you could cause damage.

One hard and fast rule that must never be broken, is that when the puppy is in its bed it must never be disturbed, as puppies need plenty of rest and its bed should be regarded as its sanctuary.